Why choose a local estate agent?

couple talking to a local estate agent

When it comes to selling a property in the Liverpool City Region, you’d be forgiven for getting confused when choosing an estate agent. You can often be blinded by the amazing deals that online estate agents can offer, but what do you lose by not choosing a local, independent estate agent?

We treat you like an individual – because you are one

To us at Lyons Estates, you’re not just a faceless number trying to sell a pile of bricks. You’re an individual as unique as the property that you’re trying to sell.

We want to get to know you so we can help you to achieve your goals with as little stress and hassle as possible.

When you instruct us as your estate agent, you’ll be assigned your own personal point of contact. If you ever have any questions that need answering, no matter how urgent, you can pick up the phone and call your personal contact. No need to wait through drawn-out automated processes just to get an insincere response days later.

Or, if you prefer to talk things through in person, head on down to our office in Bootle and have a chat with us in the flesh. Our whole team are based out of the same office so come and meet the friendly faces behind your property sale, learn a little bit about our marketing plan for your property, and put any worries you might have at ease.

By building a relationship with you and giving you all of our time and focus, we can understand exactly what your property goals are and help you with your next steps.

We strive to provide a level of service that would be unbeatable by an online-only estate agent.

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We are local experts

While the condition of a property is essential information for buyers looking for their next home, most buyers care about the aspects beyond the property itself. Features like transport, shops, schools, crime statistics, and the general feel of the area.

While anyone can find information through the internet, an experienced and knowledgeable local estate agent will be able to provide a level of insight to buyers that the internet cannot compete with.

All of our team have lived and worked in areas within Liverpool and we know all there is to know about the local area. We’ll be able to provide buyers with information about anything from transport links to the best schools, specific planning regulations and market values, all of which can help your property sell faster.

Get off on the right foot with buyers

We’ve cultivated trust, relationships, and a great reputation in our community. Buyers know that Lyons Estates means quality, and we do our best to maintain a high standard with every customer we interact with.

At the same time, we do our due diligence whenever anyone enquires about your property. By ensuring that we deal only with buyers who are ready and in a position to buy, we limit your interaction with potential timewasters and increase the likelihood that your property will sell quicker.

If you want to create the best impression with prospective buyers, using the service of a local estate agent makes a significant difference and can result in your property getting sold quicker and at a price you’re happy with.

It’s not just about keeping the local economy going, it’s about making the best decision for yourself.