How to Stage a Home – Complete Guide to Selling Success

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Home staging is the preparation of a property before showing it to potential buyers.

It is known to be one of the most beneficial ways to sell your home quickly, whilst achieving a high value.

It involves redecorating, rearranging furniture, cleaning and other strategies.

In this article, we will talk about staging and go in-depth about how it can be a beneficial step for you to take when selling a property.

What is Home Staging?

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Home staging is the process of adding decor, rearranging furniture, and dressing up the home to make it look appealing before selling. It is a tactic that real estate professionals use. 

Staging is used to make the potential buyer have an emotional reaction to the home. 

It is common for potential buyers to need help with picturing how they would like their home designed and staging can help with this.

How Do I Stage My Home For a Successful Sale?

two people looking around a home with white walls and wooden floor.

Staging each room in your property allows the buyer to imagine themselves living in this space.

Allowing someone to connect with a property on a personal level can help them envision themselves in the property. An empty home can feel cold, dull, and lifeless. 

If you stage your property correctly it will feel warm and comforting.

Tips for Staging a Home

You can pay for a professional to stage your home, but you can definitely do it by yourself too.

We have put some tips together to guide you through this process and hopefully give you the confidence to be able to do it.

Clean up the front garden

clean front garden

Kerb appeal is a major factor when selling your home.

Little things like getting rid of weeds, sweeping the driveway and hiding the bins can make a big difference to your home. 

You could even consider painting any worn down fences or your doors.

Clear any clutter

Clearing clutter and any personal belongings is the first step of home staging.

If you choose to ignore this and leave the clutter, people’s eyes will be drawn to your belongings and not to the room itself.

It leaves more floor and shelf space, giving it a clean and minimalist feel.  

Use throws and cushions

cute cactus cushions on sofa for staging

A blanket and some cushions can turn an old-fashioned couch into a modern piece of furniture. 

It also gives the room a nice atmosphere and gives it a homely feel. 

Use House Plants and Flowers

Adding flowers and plants to your home can add some life. 

Adding some colour to your house with houseplants and flowers can help you if your interior is looking slightly worn and tired. 

Even simple small flowers can make a big impact.

Store Away Any Extra TVs

A TV can often become the centre point of a room.

And unfortunately, it can draw attention away from any other features you would like your potential buyers to notice instead. 

It is also good to keep any leads and cables out of sight. 

Make The Most of Natural Light

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Whenever possible, it is a good idea to let the light into the rooms. 

Even if your property does not have much natural light, it could be a good idea to emphasize the amount that you do have.

Use mirrors opposite windows to reflect light, this makes rooms give the illusion of feeling bigger.

You should reposition any furniture that could be blocking light from entering your property.

Create an Inviting Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the hub of the home.

In addition to food preparation, the kitchen is a place where families gather and enjoy time together.

You want this room to look welcoming and inviting, this will allow the potential buyer to envision themselves within the property.

Leave Your Doors Open

Ensure the main selling points of a room can be noticed from the doorway, including the doors so that they can feel immediately impressed.

Repaint them if necessary, and make sure that they open and close smoothly. 

Make Your Bed Look Inviting

white bed sheets for staging

Classic white is the cleanest and most luxurious base colour for a staged bed. 

This allows the room to feel elegant and allows you to incorporate any colours you would like to.

With a white base, you can add layers of colour and texture using throws and pillows.

Demonstrate How To Use Awkward Areas

Instead of attempting to hide awkward areas, embrace them and present them in a way that makes them as appealing as possible. 

This can give potential buyers some ideas on how they can make use of that awkward space.

How Selling Your Home with Lyons Can Help

Here at Lyons Estate Agents, we have years worth of experience behind us including years worth of seeing homes being staged. We are an estate agent based in Merseyside.

We have had a variety of deals throughout the years including both commercial and residential.

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