Discover the real benefits of using estate agents over other home sale methods

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When it comes to buying or selling a property it can be a daunting journey, especially if you have little experience.

It’s always wise to look to experts who can assist you in complex and high-stake situations such as real estate.

That’s where real estate agents can help. 

At Lyons Estates we help you with all of your real estate needs and queries. Whether you’re looking to buy, let or sell your property we can assist you.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at the advantages of using real estate agents such as ourselves. 

Why should you use a real estate agent?

Real estate agents offer services that are specifically tailored to assist you when it comes to the property market.

These markets are usually complex with many pitfalls which can lead you to make costly mistakes.

Having the expert knowledge of a real estate agent by your side can be key to getting the deal that you desire. 

This is especially true if it is a particular area of real estate you need help in e.g. commercial property or residential property.

Some agents will work exclusively in these areas and operate as specialists.

This can result in a premium service that could be vital to getting you the best deal possible. 

What are the pros and cons of using a real estate agent?


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  • Market Expertise – Real estate agents possess in-depth knowledge of local markets, enabling them to provide valuable insights into your property value, neighbourhood trends and market conditions.
  • Negotiation Skills – A skilled real estate agent can negotiate effectively on your behalf, potentially securing a better deal and terms whether you’re buying or selling a property.
  • Network and Resources – Agents have access to a network of other professionals, including lenders, surveyors and contractors. This helps streamline the process and ensures a smoother transaction.
  • Time and Convenience – An agent can save you time by handling tasks such as property searches, scheduling viewings and managing paperwork. By doing this you can focus on other priorities.
  • Guidance through Legalities – Real estate transactions involve complex legalities; an agent can navigate the paperwork, contracts, and compliance requirements, minimising the risk of errors.


  • Dependence on Availability – Relying on an agent means coordinating schedules for property viewings, negotiations, and other aspects, which may not always align with your preferred timeline.
  • Potential Conflict of Interest While agents will prioritise their clients’ interests, there could be a conflict if the agent represents both the buyer and the seller in a transaction. 
  • Limited Control – Working with an agent means relinquishing some control over the process. Decisions such as marketing strategies and negotiation tactics may be influenced by the agent’s expertise.

Does it matter which estate agent you choose?

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The choice of a real estate agent can play a role in the success of property transactions. 

The competency and experience of an estate agent are what make an impact on the outcome of the property handling process. 

A skilled agent with a deep understanding of the local market, excellent negotiation skills and a strong network can maximise your chances of getting the best deal for your property.

Each real estate agent will bring their unique style and skill set to the table.

They will understand and prioritise your unique needs above all else to ensure you get a positive experience. 

Therefore, the choice of your estate agent should be carefully considered.

Can you sell your house without a real estate agent?

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You do not need a real estate agent to sell your house.  

However, if you choose not to use a real estate agent when it comes to selling your property you won’t have access to the benefits that they provide. 

You’ll need to handle tasks typically managed by agents, such as pricing the property, marketing, negotiating and navigating the legal intricacies of the transaction. 

Not having the expertise of an agent could potentially result in problems such as: 

  • Determining the right listing price.
  • Limited exposure.
  • Poor negotiations.
  • Legal and contractual risks.
  • Lack of network.
  • Managing the home inspection process.

Choose Lyons Estates Trusted and Reliable Estate Agents

Having an estate agent by your side during your property selling or buying process is not a legal requirement but as you can see there are huge benefits to doing so.

We’re estate agents based in Merseyside and have been involved in the property industry for many years.

We’ve seen many deals come through our doors on various properties which include both commercial and residential. 

Thanks to our local knowledge and years of rich industry experience we’re able to deliver the right property deals for our clients time and time again.
Contact us today and a member of our team would be more than happy to help with your poverty needs.